Colorado Progressive Partners: Western Slope

Black Lives Matter | contact

“We’re here to hear and protect black voices, empower people of color, and educate on racial hardships through empathy, a sharing of stories, and love.”


Grand Junction Progressives[email protected]

“Grand Junction Progressives stands for workers’ rights to organize, LGBT equality (including the preservation of marriage equality and full recognition under federal anti-discrimination laws), equal pay and reproductive autonomy for women, civil rights, voting rights, a $15 minimum wage, environmental justice, protection of wildlife and public lands and waters, treaty rights, reform of immigration policies and the criminal justice system, universal health care — and a whole lot more.”


Indivisibles[email protected]

“The mission of Indivisible Colorado is to link Indivisible groups throughout Colorado so they can more effectively work together on statewide and federal issues. Our goal is to resist the Trump Administration and help build a more progressive future for our state and our country.”


Transcend | contact

“Transcend is an open and welcoming group for any transgender persons (pre, post, or non operative, crossdressers, intersex people, genderqueer people, those questioning their gender expression and/or identity, and any other non-label or label gender-variant person).”